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Welcome to Commercialise.KE

Commercialisation is a key part of your KE strategy. Commercialise.KE supports your academics while helping you build institutional capacity. Commercialise.KE includes internal marketing and promotion and an end-of-programme event to agree commercialisation plans.

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What is Commercialise.KE?

Commercialise.KE is a market discovery programme for research commercialisation. There's a 3 day 'bootcamp' where we train your academics. Then we mentor them while they engage with external stakeholders, spending as much time per week as works for them. It helps to prepare them for competitive national commercialisation programmes while boosting your institutional commercialisation capacity.

Key Benefits of Commercialise.KE


Fully flexible

We will tailor the programme to your needs. You can choose the subjects/disciplines you invite academics to apply from, the number of projects and the support you offer to each project. We'll use our experience to offer guidance, but you're in charge.

Creates interdisciplinary collaboration

We've seen magic happen on this programme when STEM and SHAPE researchers are in the room together. They learn from each others' approaches and ways of thinking, and forge new relationships that endure beyond the programme, leading to new interdisciplinary research collaborations.

Builds capacity 

Each time we run Commercialise.KE at an institution it gets easier to attract interesting projects. Academics talk to one another, and you can build internal advocacy for your office's work and better awareness of your offer via Commercialise.KE. 

Boosts HEBCIS and KEF

Metrics matter, like it or not. Increasing research commercialisation through Commercialise.KE will give your HEBCIS return a boost, which improves your KEF performance and increases your HEIF (or equivalent in the devolved administrations) income

"Working with Liz has been amazing. The invaluable mentoring and guidance have helped to transform my academic research into a market-ready commercial product, which helps to bridge the gap between research insights and practical applications. Liz's mentoring has giving me the skills and insights to navigate the commercialisation world and inspired me to use my research to create real world impact through generating sustainable funding."

Rebecca, Project Co-Lead, Aberystwyth University

Why invest in Commercialise.KE?

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