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Boost business growth

Are enough businesses starting and growing in your region? What more could you be doing to drive economic development through innovation and business starts?

How confident are the businesses in your region in adopting new technologies?

Do your teams really understand innovation, or is it just a word they use?

How well connected are the business support services in your region? What about connections to the wider support ecosystem?

Innovation Strategy Development

We understand the interplay between national and regional or local strategy. We've helped shape innovation strategies around the UK, and we can help you find your way through all the complexity to deliver a plan that will make a real difference in your region


Business Growth Support

We've spent a lot of time over the last couple of years delivering the Help to Grow programme. We've worked with 8 different business schools and we've acted as facilitators, tutors and mentors to well over a hundred SMEs taking part in the programme. We also work with hundreds more innovative businesses and entrepreneurs through our work as Monitoring Officers for Innovate UK. As you design local schemes to support your business community, tap into our experience and we'll help you design a truly transformative programme.


Small Grant Programmes

We're experienced assessors of applications for small grant funding. We've helped numerous organisations decide how to assess applications, and we're active assessors ourselves for a variety of schemes.


Innovation Centres

We know what turns shared office space into an innovation centre. It's more than renting space to tenants and calling it a 'community'. We've written successful funding bids for true innovation centres and we can help you ensure yours thrives.

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