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Government's new flagship business growth programme


Business Meeting


Are you ready for the new Researcher Development Concordat? Do you have a comprehensive, exciting offer for your researchers' 10 days per year of professional development time? Are you confident that you've given enough attention to professional development that isn't focused on academic research careers?

How do you plan for innovation? What does strategy mean in a Research, Innovation & Engagement environment?  How do you develop new collaborations and win buy-in?

How ready are your academics and researchers to successfully commercialise research?

Flint Innovation has developed and implemented strategies, training and growth plans in the HE sector, and we can help you do the same.



Are enough businesses starting and growing in your region? What more could you be doing to drive economic development through innovation and business starts?

How confident are the businesses in your region in adopting new technologies?

Do your teams really understand innovation, or is it just a word they use?

How well connected are the business support services in your region? What about connections to the wider support ecosystem?

Flint Innovation has developed strategies for several regions, and we've also won and delivered funded programmes to improve the local offer. We're experts in the local and national support ecosystem and we can help you find your way through the jungle and develop a strategy and plan that really delivers for your region.

Business Meeting


How confident are you identifying and deploying new technology in your business?

Are you crystal clear about your value proposition to your customers? How do you test new ideas?

Is your business model optimised to maximise profits and minimise hassle?

Are you ready to grow, with an understanding of how to deal with your barriers to growth?

How do you bring new ideas into the business, and seek feedback?

Flint Innovation has experienced mentors and NEDs, and we will work with you to solve problems and optimise your business. We are also part of the delivery team for Help to Grow: Management - follow the link below to find out more

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Do you have a business idea? Are you uncertain about where to start?

Do you know how to find the support that's available to you?

Are you thinking about making a career change?

Are you looking for a new job?

Flint Innovation and our sister company Great CV have experience of helping people through business start up and development, and we are experienced mentors. We can give your CV a thorough revamp, help you with interview coaching, and introduce you to one of our coaching associates to help you through your career transition.



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