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The new Researcher Development Concordat is here, along with its requirement for each researcher to undertake 10 days of professional development activity each year. Those 10 days can't simply be focused on academic research careers.

We have a comprehensive portfolio of development opportunities to offer your researchers and managers​



The University is required to:

  • Provide opportunities, structured support, encouragement and time for researchers to engage in a minimum of 10 days professional development pro rata per year, recognising that researchers will pursue careers across a wide range of employment sectors.

  • Provide training, structured support, and time for managers to engage in meaningful career development reviews with their researchers.

  • Ensure that researchers have access to professional advice on career management, across a breadth of careers.

  • Provide researchers with opportunities, and time, to develop their research identity and broader leadership skills.

  • Recognise that moving between, and working across, employment sectors can bring benefits to research and researchers, and support opportunities for researchers to experience this.

  • Monitor, and report on, the engagement of researchers and their managers with professional development activities, and researcher career development reviews.

Managers of researchers are required to:

  • Engage in regular career development discussions with their researchers, including holding a career development review at least annually.

  • Support researchers in exploring and preparing for a diversity of careers, for example, through the use of mentors and careers professionals, training, and secondments.

  • Allocate a minimum of 10 days pro rata, per year, for their researchers to engage with professional development, supporting researchers to balance the delivery of their research and their own professional development.

  • Identify opportunities, and allow time (in addition to the 10 days professional development allowance), for their researchers to develop their research identity and broader leadership skills, and provide appropriate credit and recognition for their endeavours.  

  • Engage in leadership and management training to enhance their personal effectiveness, and to promote a positive attitude to professional development.

Researchers themselves are expected to:

  • Take ownership of their career, identifying opportunities to work towards career goals, including engaging in a minimum of 10 days professional development pro rata per year.

  • Explore and prepare for a range of employment options across different sectors, such as by making use of mentors, careers professionals, training and secondments.

  • Maintain an up-to-date professional career development plan and build a portfolio of evidence demonstrating their experience, that can be used to support job applications.

  • Positively engage in career development reviews with their managers.

  • Seek out, and engage with, opportunities to develop their research identity and broader leadership skills.

  • Consider opportunities to develop their awareness and experience of the wider research system through, for example, knowledge exchange, policy development, public engagement and commercialisation.



We'll help you embed and deliver the Concordat at your University

We've spent our careers at the intersection of Universities, Government and Academia. We have worked at the most senior levels and we have coached, trained and mentored hundreds of Early Career Researchers.

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We understand the cultural and practical challenges of implementing the new Concordat. We will work with you as you develop and implement your action plan. We work sensitively with your academic leaders and managers, and will help you drive meaningful engagement to let your researchers thrive.

University Students and Professor


Line managing a researcher has changed. The vast majority of ECRs will leave academia to pursue their careers, and only a few will eventually become professors. For academic colleagues, especially those whose entire careers have been spent in academia, it can be challenging to support researchers to develop the wider skills and experience required by the concordat. We work with academic line managers to help them support their researchers, and to reap the benefits of a research team with diverse experiences and thinking.



Being a researcher is tough. Long hours, a sense that you're letting the side down if you don't eat, sleep and breathe research, insecure contracts, and feeling invisible in your own institution. That sounds harsh, but we've talked to hundreds of researchers across the UK and this is the experience for many. The new Concordat is a great opportunity to take some time to think about career options and to explore professional development opportunities, but many researchers don't feel comfortable discussing their thoughts with their manager. Flint Innovation have trained, coached and mentored hundreds of ECRs, and we bring a breadth of experience across different sectors to those interactions. We start from where the individual is currently, and help them to explore more widely than they have before. We can provide group sessions, one to one support, and a blend of taught and practical sessions.



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We offer a range of exciting, thought-provoking courses for your researchers. We cover topics including:

  • Intrapreneurship

  • Engaging with Industry

  • Building Productive Collaborations

  • Research Commercialisation

  • Management and Leadership

  • Starting a Business 

  • Building a Team

  • Project and Business Finances

  • Building a Compelling Case for Support

  • Navigating the Funding landscape

  • Intellectual Property

  • Building and Testing Value Propositions

Prices start from £200 per delegate for a half day session, with flexible pricing available for multi-delegate bookings.

IT Consulting


We have mentored and coached hundreds of Early Career Researchers and we can deliver meaningful, horizon expanding relationships for your researchers. We have coaches with a range of specialities among our Associates, covering areas including Career Planning, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Self-Awareness, and Management.

Prices start at £100/hour for intensive one-to-one sessions, following a complimentary initial meeting to identify needs and match a coach or mentor to the researcher.



If it's still early days for you in planning your Concordat implementation, we can help. With decades of experience in HE we thoroughly understand the environment you work in, and we can help you drive engagement and commitment across the University. We're experienced in developing strategy, action plans and meaningful metrics, and we will craft a plan that works for you. 

Prices start at £600/day on an outside IR35 consultancy basis



The Concordat places development obligations on managers too - your academic managers need to build their skills to support their researchers effectively. We've worked with hundreds of academics and we understand the competing pressures they are under. We offer coaching and taught sessions covering topics including Leadership and Management in HE, Supporting ECRs Development, Having Careers Conversations, Engaging with Industry, and Building Strategic Partnerships.

Prices vary depending on the style of engagement and start at £100/hour for one-to-one work and £200 per delegate for taught sessions. Flexible pricing is available for multi-delegate bookings